Annotation:Miss Grace Gordon's Strathspey

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X:1 T: Miss Grace Gordon's Strathspey C: M:C R:Strathspey K:Amix S: Robert Mackintosh - Sixty Eight New Reels (1793) a|e<Ac>A c/d/e g2|d<GB>G B<(dd>f)|e<Ac>A c/d/e a2|e<Ac>A c<(ee>f)| e<Ac>A c/d/e g2|d<GB>G B<(dd>f)|e<a^g<a f<ae<a|e<A!trill!c>A c(ee)|] ^g|(a/^g/f/e/ a)>e c<Aa>e|f<dg>G B(dd^g)|(a/^g/f/e/ a)>e c<Aa>e|!trill!f>e a<A c<(ee>^g)| a<f^g<e f<de<c|d/=c/B/A/ B>G B<(dd>f)|e<A^c>A c/d/e !trill!f2|e<A!trill!c>A c<(ee)|]

MISS GRACE GORDON'S STRATHSPEY. AKA and see "Honorable Miss Drummond of Perth's Reel (1)." Scottish, Strathspey. The melody has been attributed to biography:William Marshall (1748-1823) and supposedly published in his First Collection of 1781, although it has proved elusive in that volume. The Gows republished the tune under the title "Honorable Miss Drummond of Perth's Reel (1)/Mrs. Drummond of Perth('s Reel) [1]" in First Collection, 2nd edition, of 1801 and ascribed it to Niel Gow.

William Marshall

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