Miss Grace Gordon's Strathspey

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X:1 T: Miss Grace Gordon's Strathspey C: M:C R:Strathspey K:Amix S: Robert Mackintosh - Sixty Eight New Reels (1793) a|e<Ac>A c/d/e g2|d<GB>G B<(dd>f)|e<Ac>A c/d/e g2|e<Ac>A c<(ee>f)| e<Ac>A c/d/e g2|d<GB>G B<(dd>f)|e<a^g<a f<ae<a|e<A!trill!c>A c(ee)|] ^g|(a/^g/f/e/ a)>e c<Aa>e|f<dg>G B(ddg)|(a/^g/f/e/ a)>e c<Aa>e|!trill!f>ea<A c<(ee>^g)| a<f^g<e f<de<c|d/=c/B/A/ B>G B<(dd>f)|e<a^c>a c/d/e !trill!f2|e<A!trill!c>A c<(ee)|]

MISS GRACE GORDON'S STRATHSPEY. Scottish, Strathspey. The melody was composed by William Marshall (1748-1823) and published in his First Collection of 1781. The Gows republished the tune under the title "Honorable Miss Drummond of Perth's Reel (1)/Mrs. Drummond of Perth('s Reel) [1]" in First Collection, 2nd edition, of 1801 and ascribed it to Niel Gow.

William Marshall

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