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X: 2 T: Miss Gray of Carse [2] R: Strathspey C: Airchie Allan (1794-1837) N: Also in Eb N: H&C p.20, Hunter 181, Hardie p.67, Bain p.16, SV p.40 N: Airchie Allan of ForFar was a cousin of the famous fiddler James Allan (1800-1877), N: and may have played in Nathaniel Gow's band. "Miss Gray of Carse" was Allan's name; N: the name "Dean Brig o' Edinburgh" is from Peter Milne. D: Tom Anderson and Aly Bain on The Silver Bow Album, follow by Banks Z: 2000 John Chambers <> M: C L: 1/16 F: K: G B \ | "G"d3e dg3 dB3 B3A | "G"G3A GABA GD3 ~D4 \ | "C"{CD}E3G "G"D3G "C"C3G "G"B,3G | "Am"EA3 ~A3G "D7"(FG)AF D4 || y2 \ | "G"d3e dg3 dB3 B3A | "(D7)"G3A GABA "G"GD3 ~D4 \ | "C"{CD}E3c "G/b"D3B "Am"C3A "Em"B,3e | "D7"B3e dF "G"{F}G4- G2 |] a \ | "G"bg3 g3b "D/f#"af3 f3a | "Em"ge3 "A7"e3^c' "D"d'd3 ~d3=f \ | "C"ec3 c3e "G/b"dB3 B3d | "A7"eA3 ~A3G "D"(FG)AF D2 || A \ | "Em"BG3 G3B "D"AF3 F3A | "C"GE3 "A7"E2^c2 "D"d3D ~D4 \ | "C"{CD}E3c "G/b"D3B "Am"C3A "Em"B,3e | "D7"B3e d2F2 "G"{F}G4- G2 |]

MISS GREY OF CARSE [2]. AKA and see "Dean Bridge of Edinburgh (The)." Scottish, Strathspey. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The piece was thought to have been originally written and published by Archibald "Airchie" Allan (d. 1831) under this title (though unlikely, says Alburger), and compilers "at least since the time of Skinner" have linked it with "Dean Bridge of Edinburgh (The)/Dean Brig o' Edinburgh," however, Alburger (1983) maintains they have nothing in common. Allan is said to have played in Nathaniel Gow's band for a time, and his playing was characterized by Alexander Lowson[1] as "clean and neat, and characterized by immense power, especially in strathspeys" (Emmerson, 1971).

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  1. Alexander Lowson inherited the estate of Carse from Captain Charles Gray, and assumed the name and arms of Gray as a consequence. He therefore is presumed to by "Miss Gray of Carse's" father.