Annotation:Miss Jeanie Maxwell's Minuet

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MISS JEANIE MAXWELL'S MINUET. AKA and see "Duchess of Buccleuch's Minuet (The)." Scottish, Minuet. Composed c. 1766 by the gentleman fiddler and composer Biography:Thomas Alexander Erskine, the Sixth Earl of Kelly [1] (1732-1781). Later name of the minuet was changed the name of the tune to "Duchess of Buccleuch's Minuet (The)". See also his "Miss Catherine Maxwell's Minuet," perhaps a sister (a Catherine and Jane Maxwell were the only two daughters of Sir William Maxwell, bart., of Monreith).

Thomas Erskine, the Earl of Kelly

See also fiddler-composer John French's similarly-titled "Miss Jean Maxwell of Monreith’s Reel."

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