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X:1 T:Miss Louisa Campbell's Strathspey M:C L:1/8 R:Strathspey B:Joshua Campbell – A Collection of New Reels & Highland Strathspeys (Glasgow, 1789, p. 7) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D B|(A<D)(A<F) (A<D)(B<F)|(A<D)(A<F) (B<E)(EF)|(A<D)(A<F) d>ef>e|d>B A/B/d/F/ ADD:| |:f|d>BAF d>ef>e|d>BA>F eEEe|d>BA>F d>ef>e|d>B d/B/A/F/ ADD:| |:B|AD (A/G/F) AD (A/G/F)|AD (A/G/F) BEEF|1 AD (A/G/F) d>ef>e|d>B A/B/d/F/ ADD:| |2 (A/D/E/F/) (G/A/B/c/) (d/e/f/g/) (a/g/f/e/)|(f/e/d/c/) (d/B/A/F/) ADD|| |:f|(d>f)(A>f) (d>f)(A>f)|(d>f)(A>f) eEE(e|1 d>f)A>c d>ef>e|d>B A/B/d/F/ ADD:| |2 (d/f/e/f/) (A/f/e/f/) (d/e/f/g/) (a/g/f/e/)|(f/e/d/c/) (d/B/A/F/) ADD|| |:A|A,>C T(FE/D/) AD T(FE/D/)|A,>D T(FE/D/) (AE)EF|1 A,>D T(FE/D/) AD (FE/D/)|d>B A/B/d/F/ ADD:| |2 (A,/B,/C/D/) (E/F/G/A/) (B/c/d/e/) (f/d/c/B/)|(A/d/c/d/) (B/A/d/F/) ADD|| |:(f|a>b)af d>efd|e>fd>f eEEf|1 a>b a/b/a/f/ d>ef>e|d>B A/B/d/F/ ADD:| |2 (a/b/a/g/) (f/g/a/f/) (e/g/f/g/) (f/e/d/c/)|(d/e/f/e/) (d/B/A/F/) ADD||

MISS LUCIA CAMPBELL. AKA - "Miss Louisa Campbell's Strathspey," "Miss Lucy Campbell's Strathspey." AKA and see "Ball na Grandach," "Countess of Loudon's Strathspey (2)," "Lucy Campbell (3)." Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDDEEFF. The Gows printed the tune as “Ball na Grandach.” It appears as "Miss Louisa Campbell's Strathspey" and “Miss Lucia Campbell’s Delight” in Joshua Campbell’s A Collection of New Reels and Highland Strathspeys (Glasgow, 1789).

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Printed sources : - Campbell (A Collection of New Reels & Highland Strathspeys), Glasgow, 1789; p. 7. Jones [Ed.] (Complete Tutor Violin), c. 1815; p. 3. Ross's Collection of Pipe Music, 1885; No. 313.

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