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MISS ODDISON. AKA and see "Dublin Lasses (1)." Irish, Reel (2/4 time). Ireland, County Donegal. F Major ('A' part) and D Major ('B' part). The tune was published by Padraig Mac Aodh O’Neill in his Songs of Uladh (1904), and was collected by him in 1903 in Donegal from the playing of an elderly fiddler named Nabla Ni hAnluain, who then resided in the Workhouse at Dun-Fionnchon. She was one of the approximately 2,500 tenants evicted in the late 1880's from Fal-carrach on the Olphert Estate as a result of a rent strike (which had the backing of the local Catholic clergy). The circumstance became a cause celebre in England and America, but ultimately only a fraction of the original population had returned to the land. Caoimhìn Mac Aoidh (1994, Between the Jigs and Reels) states this is an unusual tune featuring triplets accented by bouncing the bow on the strings.

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Printed sources: Padraig Mac Aodh O'Neill (Songs of Uladh), 1904; p. 18.

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