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X:1 T:Mississippi Square Dance, Part 2 S:Freeny's Barn Dance Band (Leake County, Mississippi) M:C| L:1/8 N:A version of "Sally Ann" N:AEae tuning (fiddle) D:OKeh 45533 (78 RPM), Freeny's Barn Dance Band (1931. Recorded 12/16/1930) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A ((3efg|a)bafe2c2|+slide+f3a f2((3efg)|fgaf eec2|e3f e2(cB| A)A[ce][ce]B2[c2e2]|+slide+[e3e3]f [e2e2]([de]|[ee])gfe ce(c2|[e3e3])[ee][e2e2](cB| A)cBA FAA2|+slide+[A3A3][AA][A4A4]|+slide+AcBAB2c2|+slide+[e3e3]f [e2e2]([de]| [ee])gfe ce(c2|[e3e3])[ee][e2e2](cB|A)cBA FAA2|+slide+[A3A3][AA][A4A4]||

MISSISSIPPI SQUARE DANCE - PART 2. AKA and see "Sally Ann (1)." American, Reel (cut time). A Major. AEae tuning (fiddle). AABB. "Mississippi Square Dance", a version of the tune best known as "Sally Ann (1)," was recorded in two parts (back to back on the recording) in Jackson, Mississippi, in December, 1930 by Freeny's Barn Dance Band (consisting of fiddler Leslie and Hendrix Freeny, mandolinist Cleveland Freeny, tenor banjo player S. Carlton Freeny, and guitar player Fonzo Freeny). OKeh issued it in 1931. The dance calls on the recording were by Carlton Freeny who also was part of the group that recorded five years later as the Freeny Harmonizers. One of them is also known as “Sally Anne,” the other seems to be a tune that has one part resembling “Fire On the Mountain” and the other reminiscent of “Little Brown Jug.”

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Recorded sources : - County Records, "Mississippi String Bands, vol. 2" (1975). OKeh 45533 (78 RPM), Freeny's Barn Dance Band (1931, twin fiddle band from Leake County, Mississippi). Vigortone Records VT-2003, Rhys Jones, Jeff Miller, Jim Nelson - "Mississippi Square Dance, vol. 2" (2004).

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