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X:1 T:Monaltries Reel C:Robert Petrie S:Petrie's Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances &c., 1790 Z:Steve Wyrick <sjwyrick'at'astound'dot'net>, 3/19/04 N:Petrie's First Collection, page 16 L:1/8 M:C| R:Reel K:F C | F2fd cAFA |BGAF (EGGC) | F2Ff cAFA | BGcA F/F/F F :| c | (Tfefg) agaf | efgc (egga) | (Tfefg) agaf | egcb (affc) | (Tfefg) agaf | efgc efga | bgaf ecfd | c(BTAG) AFF || |: c/B/ | AFCF AFCF | AFCF (BGGB) | AFCF BGEG | cABG AFF :| %Petrie omitted the repeat sign at the beginning of the above line -SW |: c | fcAc (Tfga).g | fcaf e(gga) |1fcAc fdBd | .c(BAG) AFF :|2 bgaf gefd | cABG AFF |]

MONALTRIE'S. Scottish, Reel (cut time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABCBCDD'. The melody appears in Robert Petrie's c. 1790 1st collection, which was dedicated to Mrs. Farquharson of Monaltrie. Monaltrie House, at the edge of Royal Deeside in the village of Ballater, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, was built in 1782 for the Farquharsons of Monaltrie. Francis Farquharson [1] (1710-1790) was responsible for the development of the Pananich Spa, which was one of the major causes of the creation of Ballater Burgh. The town of Ballater was established as a new town around 1790, development continued by Francis' nephew, William. Petrie may have dedicated his collection to Margaret Garden ('Mrs. Farquhason'), who married William Farquharson of Monaltrie in 1791 (see note for Annotation:Monaltrie's Strathspey for more). See also Petrie's "Monaltries Welcome Home to Ballaters," from his Fourth Collection (c. 1805).

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Glen (The Glen Collection of Scottish Dance Music), vol. 1, 1891; p. 38. Petrie (Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances), 1790; p. 16.

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