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X:1 T:Taylor's Quickstep T:Monroe County Quickstep N:From the playing of fiddler Leonard Rutherford (1898-1951) with John Foster M:C| L:1/8 N:play most of the slurs as slides. D: D:Gennett GE 6913 (78 RPM), Rutherford & Foster (1929) Z:Andrew Kuntz K:F SAB|c2 AB cdcA| F4- F2DE |FG-AG F2D2| C6=B,2| CDEF G2C2|(^de-e)c d4|.c2 AB cdcB|A6 AB| c2 AB cdcA|[F4A4]- [F2A2] E2-|FGJ"4"AG F2-D2|C6 =B,2-| CDEF G2c2|(^de-e)c- d4|.c2 AB cdcA|[F6A6]:| K:C |:[M:2/4]G2 cB-|:[M:C|]A2G2E2G2|(cB)cd e2 (ef|g2) (3BcB A2B2|(cd)cA G2E2| |:[M:2/4]JG3 c-|[M:C|]A2G2E2G2|(cB)cd e2 (ef|g2) (3BcB A2B2|1c4 G3c:|2c6S||

MONROE COUNTY QUICKSTEP. AKA and see "Taylor's Quickstep (2)." American, Quickstep. USA, Kentucky. F Major ('A' part) & C Major ('B' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'AA'BBBB. The second strain is "crooked", with an extra beat added to the fourth measure. The tune was recorded in 1929 for wikipedia:Gennett Records in Richmond, Indiana, by fiddler wikipedia:Leonard_Rutherford (1898-1951) paired with Kentucky singer John D. Foster (1896-1984). It was released on Gennett as "Taylor's Quickstep" and on Supertone as "Monroe County Quickstep." "Taylor's Quickstep" was named for Dennis Taylor, Gennett's talent scout in central Kentucky[1].

Leonard Rutherford & Dick Burnett

The late prof. Charles Wolfe suggested that Rutherford may have learned it from one of the famous fiddling governors of Tennessee, "Alf" wikipedia:Alfred_A._Taylor (1848-1931) and Bob Taylor. The name Taylor is also associated with Rutherford in 1928 recordings with Dick Burnett, Byrd Moore, and a fiddler named Jim Taylor from Norton Virginia (just over the state line from Kentucky). See also the related "Washington Quadrille" and "Up and Down Old Eagle Creek."

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  1. According to Rick Kennedy, "Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy: Gennett Records and the Rise of America's Musical Grassroots" (2013), agreeing with Tony Russell, who also described Taylor as Rutherford & Foster's manager [see Russell's "John D. Foster" in Country Music Originals: The Legends and the Lost", 2007)