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X:1 T:Monroe Stamp T:Monroe Stomp N:From the playing of Hiter Colvin (1900-1975, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana). N:The record label gives the tune as "Monroe Stamp", and it is unknown if N:this is the real title or a recording company mistake. M:C| L:1/8 R:Two-Step D:Victor 40239-B (78 RPM), Hiter Colvin (1929). D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:F C2 |DC D2 FD F2|GF A2 dcAB| c2d2-dc A2|c6 C2|DCD2 FD F2| GF A2 dcAB|c2 d2- dc D2|E6E2|C2[C2E2][C2E2][C2E2]|G2G2[G2B2][G2B2]| [G2e2][G2e2]d2d2|B2B2G2E2|[C2E2][C2E2][C2E2][C2E2]|G2G2[G2B2]e2-| e2d2-d2A2|[A6c6]C2|DC D2 FD F2|GF A2 dcAB| c2d2-dc A2| [M:3/2]c3B c2[c2a2]-[ca]e g2 |[M:C|]d6 [d2f2]|B2d2-d[df][d2f2]|[d4g4][c3f3]e/c/ | f2c2-c2fg|a6a2|d2cd- dc d2|e4 +slide+a3g|a/g/f- f2- f2|| "*"+slide+c'2-|c'2 c'2 +slide+a2+slide+a2|fd f2 dcA2|[A2c2]-[A2d2]-[Ad]cA2|[A6c6]a-c'-|c'2c'2 +slide+a2+slide+a2| fd f2 dcA2|[A2c2]-[A2d2]-[Ad]cA2|B6 B2|CB,C2 [C2E2][C2E2]|[E2G2][E2G2][G2B2][G2B2]| [G2e2][Ge]c d2d2|BAB2 G2E2|C2C2[CE]D[C2E2]|GFG2 [G2B2]d-e-|ee d2-d2A2| [A6c6]C2|DCD2 FDF2|AF [F2A2] dcAB|c2d2-dcA2|[M:2/4] c3G | [M:C|]F2a2- ag a2|d6.[d2f2]|B2d2- d[df][d2f2]|[d4g4][c3f3]e/c/ | f2c2-c2fg|a6a2|d2cd- dc d2|e4 +slide+a3g|a/g/f- f2- f2|| P:Substitution "*"a2-|c'2e'2a2c'2| fefc dcA2||

MONROE STOMP. AKA - "Monroe Stamp." American, Two-Step (cut time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Recorded in 1929 by Dubach, north Louisiana, fiddler Hiter "Pee Wee" Colvin (1900-1975), who named the tune for Monroe, Louisiana. Colvin learned to fiddle as a boy, and earned his livelihood for most of his life by playing music and was in demand regionally as a dance fiddler. In the 1920's he traveled to Arkansas and east Texas as well as north Louisiana, playing wherever he could find an audience to pass the hat, particularly in the oil fields springing up in the region. In 1929 he and guitarist Herb Sherrill made their way to Dallas, Texas, to record six sides for Victor Records; "Indian War Whoop," "Monroe Stamp," "Dixie Waltz," "Old Lady Blues," "Hiter's Favorite Waltz," and "Rabbit up a Gum Stump."

Hiter Colvin

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Recorded sources : - Victor V-40239 (78 RPM), Hiter Colvin (1929).

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