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MORGAN ON THE RAILROAD [1]. AKA and see "Muddy Creek (2)." Old-Time, Breakdown. USA, Kentucky. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB. Source Buck Barnes (1902-1994) was a Madison County, Kentucky, fiddler who lived at the mouth of Jack's Creek, overlooking the Kentucky River. He supposedly obtained the tune from African-American fiddler Jim Booker, who lived in the same area and who played for a time with an integrated string band, Taylor's Kentucky Boys. Another fiddler from the same region, John Masters, plays the same melody under the title "Muddy Creek (2)," although he also supposedly learned it from Booker. Masters (1904-1986) was a left-handed fiddler from Poosey Ridge in Madison Co.

Source for notated version:

Printed sources: Jeff Titon (Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes), 2001; p. 135.

Recorded sources: Leatherwood Recordings, Bruce Greene - "Vintage Fiddle Tunes" (1987. Learned from Buck Barnes and John Masters, from recordings made by John Harrod). Rounder 0377, Buck Barnes - "Traditional Fiddle Music of Kentucky, Volume 2 -- Along the Kentucky River" (1997). Yodel-Ay-Hee 020, Rafe Stefani & Bob Herring - "Old Paint" (learned from Bruce Green). Jeff Winegar and Martin - "The Way It Was" (2008).

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Hear Ed Buck Barnes recording at Slippery Hill [1]

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