Annotation:Morning Dance (The)

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X:1 T:Morning Dance, The M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Country Dance B: Samuel, Ann & Peter Thompson - Compleat Collection of 200 Favourtie Country Dances, vol. 5 (London, 1788, No. 99, p. 50) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G G/F/G/A/ GD|GB B2|B/A/B/c/ BA|Bd d2| ceAc|BdGg|{g}fe/d/ AB/^c/|dd d2:| |:d/c/d/e/ dB|ca a2|c/B/c/d/ cA|Bg g2| c/d/e/c/ A/B/c/A/|B/c/d/B/ G/A/B/G/|A/B/c/A/ D/E/F/D/|GG G2:|]

MORNING DANCE. English, Country Dance Tune (2/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune was also entered into Henry Beck's Flute Book, a c. 1786 commonplace book compiled by American fluter Henry Beck.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - a c. 1837-1840 MS by Shropshire musician John Moore [Ashman].

Printed sources : - Ashman (The Ironbridge Hornpipe), 1991; No. 32b, p. 10.

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