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MOTHER QUOTH HODGE. English, Jig (6/4 time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The melody was one of the most popular vehicles for songs in ballad operas, and appears in numerous ballad operas in the late 1720's and 1730's, including The Footman (1732), Momus Turn'd Fabulist, or Vulcan's Wedding (1729), The Lover's Opera (1729), The Welsh Opera (1731), The Honest Electors, or the Courtiers Sent Back with Their Bribes (1733), Grub Street Opera (1731), The Genuine Grub Street Opera (1731), Don Quixote in England (1734), and The Court Legacy (1733). It was also entered into the 1747 music commonplace book of Cheapside, London, musician Walter Rainstorp. See also the successor tune "Mother Quoth Hodge (the New Way)."

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Printed sources: Walsh (The Third Book of the Compleat Country Dancing-Master), 1735; p. 141.

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