Annotation:Mr. Douglas of Springwood Park

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X:1 T: Mr. Douglas of Springwood Park's Strathspey C: Alexander Givan M: C| L:1/16 K: G S: Gow & Shepherd: Mrs. Elliot's (Tiviotbank) reel and Mr. Douglas of Springwood Park's strathspey D2|DG3!trill!G3E !trill!F3GA2F2|G3Bd2B2 e6f2|gb3e3g d3gB3g|EA3!turn!A3G FD3F2D2| DG3G3E F3GA2F2|G3Bd2B2 e6f2|g3be3g d3gB3g|EA3F3D G4G2|] d2|eg3!trill!g3e f2a2d2f2|e3fg2e2 d4 d2B2|!trill!c3de2c2 Bd3g2B2|EA3!trill!A3G F3EF2D2| DG3G3E !trill!F3GA2F2|BG3dB3 e6f2|(3g2b2g2 (3e2g2e2 d3gB2g2|EA3F3D G4G2|]

MR. DOUGLAS OF SPRINGWOOD PARK('S STRATHSPEY). AKA "Croppies Strathspey." Scottish, Strathspey. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Alburger, Kerr, Lerwick, Stewart-Robertson): AA’B (Martin). The composition has been credited to Peter Milne (e.g. by Lerwick) erroneously, but it in fact is the composition of Alexander Givan (1752-1803) from Kelso. Springwood Park, Kelso, was originally called Brigend, and was purchased and re-named by Admiral Sir James Douglas in 1750, who built an estate on the property. The Springwood House became dilapidated and was razed in the first half of the 20th cemtury. A 'cropie,' referred to in the alternate title, refers to a tenant farmer.

Springwood House

See also the tune "Miss Douglas of Springwood Park", also from Stewart-Robertson's 1884 collection.

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