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X:1 % T:Mr. Marshall M:C L:1/8 R:"Pastoral Strathspey" C:J. Scott Skinner N:Dedicated to Alexander Marshall MacKenzie B:Skinner - Logie Collection (1888, p. 72) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A E|(.cd/e/) (d/c/)B/A/ ([CE]A)A>c|(.de/f/) e/c/{c}B/A/ (FB)B>G|(.AB/c/) (Bc/d/) (cd/e/) (de/f/)| (e/c/){c}.B/.A/ (F/A/).G/.B/ c(AA):|((3e/f/g/|a)A/a/ {a}gG/g/ fF/f/ eE/e/|dD/d/ cC/c/ B(ee2) .f/.g/| aA/a/ gG/g/ fF/f/ eE/e/|.d/.F/{Bc}.B/.A/ (G/A/).B/.G/ (EA)A (3e/f/g/|a/(G/A/a/) g(F/G/g/) ^f/(^E/F/f/) =e/(^D/E/e/)| =d/(C/D/d/) .c(^B,/C/c/) (=Be)!fermata!e>G|(A/B/c/d/) (B/c/d/e/) (c/d/e/f/) (d/e/f/g/)|(e/f/g/a/) (B/c/d/e/) cA-[CA]||

MR. MARSHALL. Scottish, "Pastoral Strathspey" (whole time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. Composed by fiddler-composer and dancing master biography:J. Scott Skinner (1843-1927) in honor of William Marshall of Fochabers, the Duke of Gordon's factor and a celebrated composer of reels and strathspeys. Skinner notes Marshall was: "Composer of 'The Marquis Huntly's Farewell' which gained the composer of this work the first prize at Inverness competition, Sept., 1863." Skinner dedicated the tune to architect Alexander Marshall MacKenzie [1] (1848-1933), whose middle name derived from his mother, who was a granddaughter of William Marshall.
J. Scott Skinner

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Printed sources : - Skinner (The Logie Collection), 1888; p. 72.

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