Annotation:Mr. Stewart of Ballechen’s Welcome Home

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X:1 T:Mr. Stewart of Ballechen’s Welcome Home M:C L:1/8 R:Strathspey Q:"Slow" C:William Shepherd B:Shepherd -- A Collection of Strathspey Reels (1793, p. 7) K:Amin E|A>A {AB}c>B AEE^F|{EF}G>DEG D/C/B,/A,/ G, E|A>A {AB}c>B AE Ec/d/|{cd}e>dcB A2AE| A>A {AB}c>B AEE^F|{EF}G>DEG D/C/B,/A,/ G, A,/B,/|C>A,D>B, E>CF>D|E>A c/B/A/^G/ A2A|| |:e|a>ba>e c>d {cd}e>c|B>Gd>B g>d e/d/c/B/|a>ba>e c>d {cd}e>c|E>A c/B/A/^G/ {G}A2 A,e| a>ba>e c>d {cd}e>c|B>dg>e d/c/B/A/ GA/B/|c>AB>^G A>EF>D|EE/F/ E/D/C/B,/ A,2A,:|]

MR. STEWART OF BALLECHEN'S WELCOME HOME. Scottish, Stathspey. A Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB. Composed by Biography:William Shepherd (c. 1760-1812). A version of the strathspey appears as an untitled slow air in Islay fiddler-composer biography:Alexander Mackay's Collection of Reels, Strathspeys and Slow Tunes (c. 1822). The first strain of Mackay's version is close to Shepherd's original, but the second strain differs considerably more, while still retaining some similarities. It is as-if the tune were misremembered in the second part, and reconstructed by Mackay.

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Printed sources : - Alexander Mackay (A Collection of Reels, Strathspeys and Slow Tunes), Glasgow, c. 1822; p. 28 (appears as "Favorite Slow Tune"). William Shepherd (A Collection of Strathspey Reels), 1793; p. 7.

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