Annotation:Mrs. A. MacPherson of Inveran

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X: 1 T:Mrs MacPherson of Inveran R:Reel O:Scotland M:4/4 C:P.M. G.S. McLennan K:D g/|\ f3a/f/ df Ad|f3a/f/ f2 e>f|e3g/e/ ce Ac|e3f/g/ f2 d3/2 :| |:A/|\ d3A/d/ df Ad|d2 Ad d2 c>d|c2 Ac ce Ac|c2 Ac e2d>A| d3A/d/ df Ad|d2 Ad d2 c>d|c2 AB cd ef|gf ea f2 d3/2|| g/|\ f3g/f/ a2 f>g|a2 fg f2 e>f|e3f/e/ g2 e>f|g2 e>f e2 d3/2 :| |:A/|\ d3A/d/ fa ef|df ed d2 c>d|c3A/c/ eg df|ce Bc e2 d>A| d3A/d/ fa ef|df ed d2 c>d|c3A/B/ Ac eg|fa ce e2 d3/2|| g/|\ f3e/d/ a2 f>g|a3g/f/ f2 e>f|e3d/c/ g2 e>f|g3f/e/ e2 d3/2:| |:A/|\ d3A/d/ f3 d/f/|gf ed d2 c>d|c3A/c/ e3c/e/|ge dc e2 d>A| d3A/d/ f3d/f/|gf ed d2 c>d|cA dB ec fd|ge dc e2 d3/2|]

MRS. A. MACPHERSON OF INVERAN. Scottish, Pipe Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABCCDEEF. Composed by Pipe Major G.S. McLennan [1] (1883-1927), a bagpiper revered in Highland circles. Mrs. MacPherson was Alice Ross, who married Angus MacPherson (son of Malcolm "Calum Piobaire" MacPherson). The couple became innkeepers and ran a hotel in Invershin. Piper McLennan stayed at the hotel during a long recuperation from an illness, and the MacPhersons were happy to put him up. They wanted not a penny in recompense, and in gratitude McLennan wrote two tunes for them; a march for Angus, and the reel for Alice.

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Printed sources : - Graham & MacRae (The Gordon Highlanders: Pipe Music Collection, vol. 1), 1983; p. 18. Scots Guards: Standard Settings of Pipe Music, vol. 1, 1954.

Recorded sources : - Wildcat Records WILDCD 101, Ronan Martin – “Ronan Martin” (2008).

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