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MRS. CUNNINGHAM OF CORSEHILL. Scottish, Jig (6/8 time). A Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. John Glen (1891) finds the earliest appearance of this tune in print in Ayrshire fiddler-composer biography:John Riddell's 1766 collection (p. 20), reprinted with additions around 1782. "Mrs. Cunningham of Corsehill" is but one of several 6/8 tunes that were labelled 'Reel' in Riddell's collection, perhaps because they were meant as solo dance tunes, or to describe a reeling type of dance.

The old Barony and castle of Corsehill [1] lay within the feudal Baillerie of Cunninghame, near Stewarton, now East Ayrshire, Scotland. See also "Captain Cuningham of Corsehill" for another reel, probably named for Mrs. Cunningham's spouse, and one of several Riddell composed for the extended family.

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Printed sources: John Riddell (Collection of Scots Reels, Minuets & c. for the Violin), c. 1782; p. 20.

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