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MRS. JOHNSTON. AKA and see “Glen Ogle.” Scottish, Reel. Composed by Scottish fiddler-composer and dancing master Donald Grant (c. 1769-c. 1839), who published it in his first collection (c. 1790), a volume dedicated to his patron Mrs. Colonel Grant of Grant. Grant was born in Elgin, and Baptie (Musical Scotland, 1894) records that "at the end of the last (18th) century he published two collections of 'Strathspey Reels, Jigs' etc. Baptie notes that a Donald Grant died at Elgin in 1839, but he does not know if it was the same person or not. Grant's two sons, John (c. 1799-1825) and Francis, both played the violin. "Mrs. Johnston" was later called “Glen Ogle.”

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Printed sources: Henderson (Flowers of Scottish Melody), 1935; p. 23.

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