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X:1 T:Mrs. Scott Skinner [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Strathspey S:MacDonald – Skye Collection (1887) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D A,|D>F A>B (B/A/)G/F/ (d>e)|(f/e/)d/c/ d[DF] [C2E2] [CE]F/|D>FA>B (B/A/)G/F/ (d^G)|(A<d) f>e d2 [Fd]:| f/g/|a>f d>A B<g ~g>B|(Af) (e>d) (e2 e)f/g/|a>fd>A B<g ~g>B|[FA][Af][Af][Ge] [F2d2][Fd]f/g/| (^g/a/)b/a/ fd B<g ~g>B|[FA]f (ed) ec A>G|(F/E/F/G/) A>_B (=B/A/G/F/) [G>d>]^G|(A<d) f>e d2 [Fd]|| A,|(D/E/)F/G/ (A/^G/)A/B/ (B/A/)=G/F/ d>e|(f/e/)d/c/ d[DF] [C2E2] [CE]F/|(D/E/)F/G/ (A/^G/)A/B/ (B/A/)=G/F/ [Gd]^G|(A<d) f>e d [Fd]:| f/g/|(^g/a/)b/a/ (=g/f/)e/d/ (B/^d/)e/f/ g[GB]|[FA][Af] [Af][Ge] [F2d2] df/g/|(^g/a/)b/a (=g/f/)e/d/ (B/^d/)e/f/ g[GB]| [FA][Ad] (ed) (ec) A>G|(F/E/F/G/) (A/^G/A/_B/) (=B/A/=G/F/) d^G|A<d f>e d2 [Fd]||

MRS. SCOTT SKINNER [1]. Scottish, ("Solo") Strathspey. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABCCD. "Mrs. Scott Skinner" is contained in the Miller o Hirn (1881) collection, composed by wikipedia:James_Scott_Skinner and dedicated to his first wife, Jane Stuart of Aberlour, who died suddenly in the twelfth year of their marriage. Skinner honors her memory with a strathspey that was meant to be listened to (i.e. "solo"), rather than danced to, and he meant it to be reflective, although directed it be played "With energy". He noted (in 1881) that it was "my favorite for Concerts."

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