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X:1 T:Mill na Máidí R:reel Z:Transcribed by Yuval D:Vincent Campbell - TheThe Brass Fiddle M:C| K:D FD~D2 FDGD|FD~D2 EFGE|FD~D2 FDEF|G2BG EFGE:| |:A3d B2AF|DFAF EFGB|A3d BFAF|G2BG EFGE:| |:fd~d2 fdgd|fd~d2 efge|fd~d2 fdef|g2bg efge:| |:d2ad bdad|dfaf efge|dfaf bfaf|g2bg efge:| |:d2AG FD~D2|FD (3EFG FA~A2|A3d BFAF|EDCD EFGE:|]

MUILLEANN NA MAIDÍ (The Twig Mill). AKA - "Crushing of Twigs," "Humors of Swanlinbar (The)," "Mill na Máidí," "Old Pinch of Snuff (The)," "Pinch of Snuff (The)" "Twig Mill." Irish, Reel. Ireland, County Donegal. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). A popular reel in County Donegal. The title, which has been translated as "breaking/crushing of twigs," may be better understood as "The Sawmill"[1]. Caoimhin Mac Aoidh (1994) identifies this fiddle tune as having piping influences. Mac Aoidh relates that this was the favorite tune for a famous Donegal step dancer by the name of Fear na Ropai (Man of the ropes) whose feat it was to dance in a circle on the floor made by a short length of rope he carried with him while fiddlers played this reel. He strove not to dance outside the bounds of the rope and at each successful repetition he would draw the rope tighter until the circumference was little bigger than the space taken up by his feel. The reel is strongly associated with Vincent Campbell, according to the band Altan. Donegal fiddler Mickey Doherty had a five-part version of the tune, and Donegal fiddlers Frank Cassidy and Tommy Peoples both recorded it as "Pinch of Snuff (The)."

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Recorded sources : - Green Linnett GLCD 1117, Altan - "Harvest Storm" (1992). Vincent Campbell - "The Brass Fiddle" (learned from Mickey Doherty).

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