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X:1 T:Mulvey's Reel C:Alex Sutherland music manuscript (late 19th century, Co. Leitrim) N:Sutherland (1873-1967) was a fiddler from Toome, Drumreilly, County Leitrim, who N:submitted his extensive music manuscripts to the National Folklore Commission in 1959 M:C L:1/8 N:Conor Ward id's as a version of "Our House at Home" K:A (e2 d)(B{c}BA)Ac|BAGA Bcdf|(e2 d)(B {c}BA)Ag|1 fedB ABcd:|fedB A2|| (ef)|gfef gabg|(ea{b}ag) eaaf|gfef g2 (ab)|c'abg a2a2| gfef gabg|(ea{b}ag) eaaf|e2 (dB) cdef|gedB A2 Af||

MULVEY'S REEL. AKA and see "Our House at Home." Irish, Reel. The tune appears in the late 19th century collection of Alex Sutherland of County Leitrim under the title "Mulvey's Reel," a local name after piper Willim Mulvey. Another County Leitrim collection from the same era, the Stephen Grier collection, gives the tune under the "Our House at Home" title. Piper Mulvey inherited the Grier collection after the latter's death, according to Brian McNamara. Cognates of the tune include "Basket of Oysters (4) (The)" (Goodman), "Is Trua gan Peata n' Mhaoir agam (1)" (Petrie), "Your Mother’s Fair Pet" (Joyce/Petrie), and "I'm Ready Now" (O'Neill).

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