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MY LORD OF MARCHE PAVAN. Scottish, Pavan (cut time). G Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC. A pavan (or Pauen) was a type of slow, courtly country dance. The melody was composed by Scottish court composer James Lauder (1535-1595) in 1584. Lauder served as Chaplain of St. Catherine's Altar, St. Giles', Edinburgh, in 1552. Although he was a noted composer, only this piece of his music survives, perhaps because it enjoyed wide popularity and was often copied. It was sometimes called 'the goulden' (golden) pavan.

The Earl of March was Robert Stewart, bastard son of King James V, and uncle to King James VI. Stewart commissioned David Peebles to compose a motet ("Quam multi, Domine") in 1576, and may have been musical himself (as was his nephew).

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Recorded sources: Chandos, CHAN0529, Scottish Early Music Consort - "Mary's Music" (1992). Lochshore Records, Whirligig - "What if a Day" (1997).

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