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NAPPER [1]. AKA and see "Poor Old Napper." Old-Time, Breakdown and Song. USA, West Virginia. DGdg tuning (fiddle). The melody appears to be derived from minstrel sources where it was called "Old Napper," "Rise Old Napper," or "Old Napper Rise." The lyrics for the song are various, loose, and generally ill-formed. 'Napper' often is a dog in the songs, but in some the protagonist is a suspicious or untrustworthy person (in keeping with the British slang meaning of 'napper'--a thief). Part of the tune is similar to "Lynchburg Town." See also Thede's "Poor Old Napper," from the playing of the Collins family.

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Recorded sources: Augusta Heritage Recordings AHR-004C, Harvey Sampson and the Big Possum String Band - "Flat Foot in the Ashes" (1986/1994. Learned by Calhoun County, W.Va. fiddler Harvey Sampson {b. 1909} from the playing and singing of his father).

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