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X:1 T:Navvy (The) M:C L:1/8 S:William Hall Lister music manuscript (Northumberland, 1841-1860) K:G D|GFGA GBdB|cdef gfge|dBGB dBGB|cAFA cAFA| GFGA GBdB|cdef gfge|dgec BAGF|G2G2G2|| AB|dBdB GBdB|ecec Acec|dBdB GBdB|AGFE D2B2| dBdB GBdB|cdef gfge|dgec bagf|a2g2g2:|]

NAVVY, THE. AKA and see "New Bridge Hornpipe," "Pitman's Strike," "Worcester Hornpipe." English, Hornpipe. England, Northumberland. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The hornpipe appears in the 1841-1860 music manuscript of William Hall Lister and Robert Lister [1], of East Boldon, near Newcastle, Northumberland. Matt Seattle notes (on the FARNE site) that the tune is to be found in several Northumbrian manuscripts, albeit with a different title each time. The Listers themselves entered the tune twice, under different names. As "New Bridge Hornpipe" it was entered into the c. 1835 music manuscript collection of Joshua Burnett (South Yorkshire).

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