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NEEDLE'S EYE. American, Jig. USA, New York's Woodland Valley, Catskill Mountains. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. Norman Cazden [2] (1914-1980) prints source Van Kleeck's dance calls for the tune in his volume "Dances from Woodland." Woodland was a summer camp in the Catskill mountains that catered to a progressive urban population, a descendent of New Deal programs that provided work for artists. The camp exposed young people to Catskill mountain folk traditions, including stories, songs, tunes, dances and all variety of folk arts. The camp was a victim of the excesses of McCarthyism and closed in 1962.

George Van Kleeck, c. 1941 (NY Folklore Society [1])

Source for notated version: musician and caller George Van Kleeck [Cazden]. George Kleeck (1887-1978) and his wife Clara (nee DuBois (1888-1980), farmers from Samsonville, Ulster County, New York, were both involved in the Woodland programs.

Printed sources: Cazden (Dances from Woodland), 1945; p. 23.

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