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NEVER TIRED REEL. Old-Time, Reel. The tune was learned by southern Indiana traditional singer, fiddler and guitarist, Lotus Dickey (1911-1989) and his brother Cyprien from a volume called The Young Violinist's Favorite No. 1 by biography:A.S. Bowman, printed in Chicago in 1891. The brothers bought the collection from a Sears catalog at the time they talked their father into buying them a fiddle. Albert Bowman, born around 1844, was a journeyman violinist, bandleader and composer in Philadelphia and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Lotus Dickey teaching at Port Townsend, 1984

"Never Tired Reel" also appears in the volume Frolic and Fun: first grade pieces for piano, by Walter Rolfe, published in Boston in 1922.

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