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X:1 T:New Born Blues S:The Stripling Brothers, Charlie (1896-1966) and Ira (1898-1967), west Alabama. M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Blues D:Vocalion 5382 (78 RPM), The Stripling Brothers (1929) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C z2g2|[G2e2][^F2_e2][G2=e2][^F2_e2]|[G=e][^F2_e2] [G=e]- [Ge](eg2)|[G2e2][^F2_e2][G2=e2][^F2_e2]| [Ge][F3d3] [Ec]>e g2| [G2e2][^F2_e2][G2=e2][^F2_e2]|[G=e][^F2_e2] [G=e]- [Ge](eg2)|[G2e2][^F2_e2][G2=e2][^F2_e2]| [Ge][F3d3] [Ec]>B A2|| [M:2/4]+slide+GAcG|[M:C|] [G4e4][G4e4]|[F4d4][F4d4]|[E6c6] cd|+slide+[e2e2]+slide+ed cAGF| +slide+ED+slide+ED CA,G,A,|CE2c- cde2|g6 g2|c'2c'2 g2[Ge][^F_e]| [Ge][^F_e][Ge][^F_e] cAGG-|[M:2/4]GA cA|[M:C|][G8e8]|[F8d8]|[E4c4]- [Ec]AGA cd e2| g8|f4- fa[^F2_e]-|[M:6/4][Ge][^F_e][Ge][^F_e] =edcc- cd[e2e2]|[M:C|]g6 g2-| f6cd|e2f2gfga-|[M:2/4]ag e2 |[M:C|][G8e8]|[F8d8]|[M:6/4][E8c8]||

NEW BORN BLUES. AKA and see "Wang Wang Blues." American, Country Rag (cut time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). The tune was recorded by the Stripling Brothers band, from Pickins County, Alabama, in 1929, and is a derivative of "The Wang Wang Blues," a pop number recorded by several mainstream bands, and later by Charlie Stripling's son, Lee.

The Stripling Brothers band with the Freeman Brothers (left); Charlie Stripling, fiddle
As with many of their country-blues melodies, "New Born Blues" is in the key of 'C' (although it sounds in B flat, perhaps due to the recording process used). Charlie Stripling himself called such tunes "ragtime breakdowns," according to Joyce Cauthen.

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Recorded sources: -Document Records 8007, "The Stripling Brothers Vol. 1 1928 - 1934" (1997. Reissue compilation). Vocalion 5382 (78 RPM), Stripling Brothers (1929, backed with "Kennedy Rag"). The Red Mountain White Trash - "Chickens Don’t Roost Too High."

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