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X:29 T:New Stepny M:9/4 L:1/4 Q:3/4=120 S:D.Wright, Extraordinary Collection, London 1713 N:bar 3 strain 4 is as printed d e/d/b/a/ might be better. N:barred correctly but called 6/4 in book Z:Pete Stewart, 2004 <> K:Gm "6/4 in book"G2gf>edf3|cAFF2AcAF|G2ba>g^fg3|dBGG2BdBG|| g2d=e2cf3|cAFF2AcAF|G2bag^fg3|dBGG2BdBG|| a>gfa>gfa>gf|cAFF2AcAF|b>agb>agg3|dBGG2BdBG|| d2cB2AG2A/B/|cAFF2AcAF|de/d/B/A/ cd/c/B/A/Bc/B/A/G/|dBGG2BdBG|| f>efg>fga>ga|bBFF2AcAF|agfbagag^f|gGGG2ABAG|| dBdcAcBGB|AFFF2AcAF|dB/c/dcA/B/cBG/A/B|DGGG2ABAG|]

NEW STEPNY. AKA and see "Altringham Round," "Barker's Maggot," "Cheshire Rolling Hornpipe," "Show Me the Way to Wallington (2)." English, Slip Jig (9/4 time). G Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDEF.

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Printed sources : - John Offord (John of the Green: Ye Cheshire Way), 1985; p. 64. Daniel Wright (An Extraordinary Collection of Pleasant and Merry Humours), 1713; No. 29.

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