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X:1 T:Newcastle Reel, The M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel B:Rev. Luke Donnellan music manuscript collection (c. 1909, Oriel B:region, south Ulster) K:D A2 AB AFEc|dBcA BAFA|dcBd cBAc|Bdcd BAFB| A2 AB AFEc|dBcA BAFA|dcBd cBAc|Bdcd BAFB|| defa bafa|bafa bafe|defa bafe|dBcA BAFA| defa bafa|bafa bafg|abga fgec|dBcA BAFB||

NEWCASTLE REEL, THE. AKA and see "Satin Slipper (1) (The)." Irish, Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. "The Newcastle Reel" is contained in the music manuscript collection of curate and fiddler biography:Rev. Luke Donnellan (1878-1952), Oriel region, south Ulster[1]. The title also appears in a list of tunes in his repertoire brought by Philip Goodman, the last professional and traditional piper in Farney, Louth, to the Feis Ceoil in Belfast in 1898 (Breathnach, 1997).

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Rev. Luke Donnellan music manuscript collection [O'Connor].

Printed sources : - Gerry O'Connor (The Rose in the Gap), 2018; No. 233, p. 115.

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  1. Donnellan researcher Gerry O'Connor came to believe the ms. is not the work of the curate but rather was originally compiled by an unknown but able fiddler over the course of a playing lifetime, probably in the late 19th century. The ms. later came into the possession of Donnellan, who was also a fiddler.