Annotation:Niel Gow's Wife (2)

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X: 4 T: Niel Gow's Wife [2] B: Peacocks' Tunes L: 1/8 M:C Z: Valerio M. Pelliccioni K: G d/c/|BGdB cAec|BGdB (3def gd|BGdB cAec|BG B(c/d/) e2 d:|| f|gdBd eAAf|gdBd e2 df|gdBd eAAc|BG (3Bcd e2 df| gdBd eAAf|gdBd e2 df|gdBd eAAc|BG (3Bcd egdg|]

NIEL GOW'S WIFE [2]. AKA and see "De'el's Dead," "Mrs. Dundas McQueen." English, Reel. England; Northumberland/Cumbria. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. The reel was also entered into the large 1840 music manuscript collection of multi-instrumentalist John Rook (Waverton, Cumbria). London music publisher's somewhat earlier "De'el's Dead" is a version of the tune, cognate in the first strain, and more loosely cognate in the second strain.

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Printed sources : - Peacock (Peacock’s Tunes), c. 1805; No. 4, p. 1.

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