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X:1 T:Noran Kishta M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig S:O'Farrell - Pocket Companion, vol. II (c. 1806) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G D | GAG B2G | c2A B2G | GAG cAG | F3A3 | GAG B2G | c2A B2G | ded cAF | G3G2 :| |: c | BAG AFD | DED FED | DED AFD | F3c3 | BAG AFD | DED FED | ded cAF | G3G2 :| |: D | GAG BGG | cAA BGG | DGG cAG | F3A3 | GAG BGG | cAA BGG | ded cAF | G3G2 :| |: GBd gba | gdB ecA | BGG cAG | F3A3 | GBd gba | gdB ecA | fed cAF | G3G2 :| |: c | BAG AFd | BGd AFd | BGd AFD | F3c3 | BAG AFF | BGG cAA | ded cAF | G3G2 :|

NORAN KISTA. AKA - "Noresnkeesta." AKA and see "Cailleach an Túirne," "Cailín an Túirne," "Is Maith le Nóra Císte" (Nora Likes Cake), "Kiss Me Darling," "Ladies' Fancy (3) (The)", "Maid at the Spinning Wheel (The)," "Máire an Phórtair," "Nora's Purse," "Norah with the Purse," "Norickystie," "Road to Lurgan (The)," "Sergeant Early's Jig," "Spinning Wheel (4) (The)," "Tune the Fiddle," "Wild Irishman (4) (The)", "Wreath the Bowl." Irish, Air and Jig (6/8 time). B Flat Major (Kerr): G Major (Kennedy, O'Farrell/vol. II): C Major (Forde): D Major (O'Farrell/vol. IV). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Forde): AABB (Kerr): AABBCCDD (O'Farrell/vol. IV): AABBCCDDEE (Kennedy, O'Farrell/vol. II). The title is a phonetic rendering of the Irish Nóra 'n chiste, or 'Nora of the treasure'. The alternate title "Wreath the Bowl" comes from a Thomas Moore song in Irish Melodies (vol. 7) set to the air "Noran Kista." His song begins:

Wreath the bowl
With flowers of soul,
The brightest Wit can find us,
We'll take a flight
Towards heaven to-night,
And leave dull earth behind us.

See also the related "Tune the Fiddle."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Bunting (Ancient Music of Ireland), 1840; p. 22 (as "Nora with the Purse"). Clinton (Gems of Ireland: 200 Airs), 1841; No. 114, p. 57 (as "Noresnkeesta"). William Forde (300 National Melodies of the British Isles), c. 1841; p. 27, No. 89. Kennedy (Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland: Jigs & Quicksteps, Trips & Humours), 1997; No. 139, p. 34. Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 4), c. 1880's; No. 239, p. 26. Manson (Hamilton's Universal Tune Book), 1844; p. 21. O'Farrell (Pocket Companion, vol. II), c. 1806; pp. 98-99 (appears as "Noran Kishta"). O'Farrell (Pocket Companion, vol. IV), c. 1810; p. 120 (appears as "Noran Keestha").

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