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NORICKYSTIE. AKA and see "Norah with the Purse," "Cailleach an Túirne," "Cailín an Túirne," "Is Maith le Nóra Císte," "Nora Likes Cake," "Noran Kista," "Fourpence Ha'penny Farthing," "Máire an Phórtair," "Maid at the Spinning Wheel (The)," "Road to Lurgan (The)," "Wild Irishman (4) (The)," "Jockey (2) (The)," "Kiss Me Darling," "Wreath the Bowl," "Tune the Fiddle." Irish, English; Jig. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Irish versions are numerous under various titles. The "Norickystie" title appears in James Aird's vol. 1 of his Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs [1] (Glasgow, 1782), with an alternate title of "The Wild Irishman." In the index to Belfast collector Edward Bunting's Ancient Music of Ireland (1840) he gives the Irish name of the tune as "Onora an chisde," which is presumably the name that Aird was trying to approximate with "Norickystie." His alternate title, "The Wild Irishman" was the name the tune went by in David Rutherford's Compleat Collection of 200 of the Most Celebrated Country Dances, vol. 3 (London, 1756).

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