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NOT FOR JOE [1]. AKA - "Oh! Joe, the Boat is Going Over," "Old Joe the Boat is Going Over." AKA and see "Boat is Tipping Over (The)." English, Air and Polka (2/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. A variant of the mid-19th century music-hall melody for the song "Oh, Joe! The Boat’s Going Over" [Roud 1777], popular among East Anglian musicians as an instrumental; according to English fiddler Chris Bartram, the tune is almost universally known amongst older traditional fiddle and squeezebox players. The melody was a vehicle for morris/molly dancing in the Clee Hill community of south Shropshire. Melodic material from "Oh, Joe!..." appears in the melody "Clee Hill/Dennis Crowther's No. 1." See also Mike Yates' article on tracking down the origin and lyric to the song [1] for more.

Source for notated version: Scan Tester [Carlin].

Printed sources: Carlin (Master Collection), 1984; No. 3, p. 16.

Recorded sources: Old Hat Records OH-1, Old Hat Band - "The Old Hat Concert Party" (as "Old Joe the Boat is Going Over"). Topic 12TS455, Scan Tester - "I Never Played to Many Posh Dances" (1990. Originally recorded by Reg Hall in the min-1950's).

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