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X: 1 T:Not for Joe [2] M:4/4 C: S:Bacon (MK MSS) N: A:Much Wenlock O:English R:Reel %P:(AB)$^{\infty}$ P:(AB)8 L:1/4 K:G I:speed 400 P:A D G D G | F E F E | D G D G | F G A2 | D G D G | F E F E | D D E F | G2 G3/2 A/2 || P:B B2 B2 | c4 | B3/2 A/2 G c | A3 A | B2 B2 | c3 c | B G A F | G2 G2 ||

NOT FOR JOE [2]. AKA and see "Much Wenlock (1)." English, Morris Dance Tune (4/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Morris dance version traditional to the South Shropshire/North Herefordshire area of England, near the Welsh border (David Jones). Singing often accompanied the dancing. See note for "Annotation:Much Wenlock (1)" for more.

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