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NOW ROBIN LEND TO ME THY BOW. AKA - "Uppingham." English, Air (2/2, 4/4 or 4/2 time). D Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCD or One part (if sung through). The song [Roud: 1373] is a canon from Thomas Ravenscroft's Pammelia, or Pleasant Roundelais and Delightful Catches (1609). They lyric begins:

Now, Robin, lend to me thy bow,
Sweet Robin, lend to me thy bow;
For I must now a hunting with my lady go,
With my sweet lady go.

And whither will thy lady go?
Sweet Wilkin, tell it unto me;
And thou shalt have my hawk, my hound, and eke my bow,
To wait on thy ladye.

It was a popular ballad in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and is quoted in A very mery and pythie commedie, called The longer thou livest the more foole thou art (by W. Wager, London), and cited in a period manuscript (Harl. 7578) that contains a description of the city of Durham (and sings its praises).

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Printed sources: Kines (Songs From Shakespeare's Plays and Popular Songs of Shakespeare's Time), 1964; p. 95.

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