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X:1 T:Nuptial Knot, The T:Snaim a'phòsaidh M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig S:Fraser Collection (1816) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G d |: BGE EFE | AFD DFA | BGE EGE | FGF d3| BGE EGE| AFD DFA |d^cB cBA | BAF d2 :| d2B BdB | ^c2A AcA | d2B BdB | dBd e2f | d2B BdB | A2F FGF | BGE EGE | FGF d3 | d2B BdB | ^c2A AcA | d2B BdB | dBd efg | agf gfe | fed ed^c | D^cB cBA | BAF d3 ||

NUPTIAL KNOT, THE (Snaim a' phosaidh). Scottish, Jig (6/8 time). E Minor ('A' part) & D Major ('B' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. This tune "is an attempt of the editor, in the style of the Irish; and he mentions this, not for any merit it possess, but because it might be claimed as Irish, unless traced to its source" (Fraser). See also Bayard's (1944) note for his untitled Pennsylvania "Quadrille," No. 46, which he identifies as a version of this tune. He further identified a number of tunes in this family, including "Three Little Drummers (1)," "Spirits of Whiskey (2)," and "Humors of Listivain."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Fraser (The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles), 1816; No. 156, p. 63. Neil (The Scots Fiddle), 1991; No. 139, p. 179.

Recorded sources : - Thistledown - "Hills of Lorne." Paddy O'Brien - "The Paddy O'Brien Collection."

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