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X: 1 T: O'Neill's Castle R: waltz M: 3/4 L: 1/8 F: K: Bmin FE|"Bm"F2B,2C2|"A"D2E2FG|"D/F#"A2"G"B2FD|"A"EF/E/D3D| "D"D4DE|"D"F2D3E|F2d2"F#m"cd|"G"B3cBc/B/|"A"A2F3E| "D"D4FF|"Bm"F2D3E|"D"F2d2"F#m"cd|"G"B3cBc/B/|"A"A2F3E| "D"F4FF|"Bm"F2B,3C|"A"D2E2FG|"D/F#"A2"G"B2FD|"A"EF/E/D3D|"D"D6|]

O'NEILL'S CASTLE (Caisleán Uí Néill). AKA - "The black haired woman from the mountain." Irish, Air (3/4 time). B Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. Ireland, western Ireland. Four versions of this song appear in Amhrain Mhuighe Seola (1923), collected by Mrs. Costello; three from Mayo and one from Galway. The melody was also collected by Lady Mary Ferguson (née Guinness) in the west of Ireland, and was the vehicle for a the song "Lark in the Clear Air (1)," written around 1850 by her husband Samuel Ferguson (1810-1886). Ferguson was born in Belfast but later settles in Dublin, and was a poet, lawyer and antiquarian. His wife was a great-niece of the brewer Arthur Guiness[1]. See also cognate tunes "White Breasted Boy (The)" and "Skylark (2) (The)."

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