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X:1 T:O'Neill's March [1] L:1/8 M:4/4 K:E Minor B2g2f2a2|e2g2 gf ed|B2g2f2a2|e2g2 gfed:| |:e3e fe dB|e2 ee fe dB|e/f/e de fe dB|e/g/e de fedB|| A2 AB G2 GB|A2 e2 ed BG|A2 AB G2 GB|A2 e2 ed BG:|]

O'NEILL'S MARCH [1] (Marcaíocht Uí Néill). AKA – “Marcaigheacht in Neill.” AKA and see "O'Neill's Cavalcade,” “O’Neill’s Cavalry March,” “O’Neill’s Riding,” “Owen Roe O’Neill’s March." Irish, March. E Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part (Sullivan): AABCBC (Tubridy). Sullivan identifies this piece as an old clan march. The title refers to seventeenth century Ulster general Owen Roe O’Neill [1], a commander in the Confederate War, who defeated the Scots under Monroe at Benburb in 1648. He died the next year at the O'Reilly stronghold of Cloughoughter castle, County Cavan.

The contemporary band U2's song 1990 song "Put 'Em Under Pressure" (by Larry Mullen and Jack Charlton, popular in Ireland during the soccer world cup, Italia '90) uses the melody of "O'Neill's March," ("O'Neill's Cavalry March"/"Máirseáil Uí Néill") as the guitar riff.

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Printed sources : - Mallinson (100 Enduring), 1995; No. 98, p. 41 (appears as "O'Neill's Cavalcade"). Sullivan (Session Tunes, vol. 2); No. 54, p. 23. Tubridy (Irish Traditional Music, Book Two), 1999; p. 4.

Recorded sources : - Gael Linn Records, "The Ó Riada Collection: Ó Riada Sa Gaiety" (2011). Silly Wizard - "So Many Partings" (1979).

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