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X: 1 T: Old Blackguard [2], The B: O'Brien - Irish Folk Dance Music (1952) L: 1/8 M: C| R: Barn Dance K: D (3ABc | d2 F2 A2 B>A | G2 C2 E3 D | C>DE>F G>FG>A |(3BcB A2 A2 (3ABc | d2 F2 A2 B>A | G2 C2 e3 f | g>fe>d c>AB>c | d2 [d2f2] d2:| A>G | F2 A2 d>fe>d | c2 B2 G3d | c2 B2 E>FG>A |(3BcB A2 A>BA>G | F2 A2 d>fe>d | c2 B2 G3f | g>fe>d c>AB>c | d2 [d2f2] d2 !fermata!:|]

OLD BLACKGUARD [2], THE. AKA and see "Mountain Belle Schottische." Irish(?), Barn Dance (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune is a version, finds Conor Ward, of Charles Kinkel's popular 1856 dance melody known as "Mountain Belle Schottische". In Norway it is known as "Reinlender etter Adolf Reitlo." A version of the first strain of "Old Blackguard [2]" can also be heard in J.A. Boucher's "Reel des commères," published in 1933.

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Printed sources : - O'Brien (Irish Folk Dance Music), 1952; No. 241.

Recorded sources : - Copley Records 9-172 (78 RPM), Irish All-Stars (Joe Derrane, Jerry O'Brien) (195?. Played as first tune in a medley, followed by "Nova Scotia").

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