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X:1 T:Old Buffs March M:C L:1/8 R:March Q:”Andante” B: Robert Bremner – Collection of Airs and Marches for Two Violins or German Flutes (c. 1756-61; No. 21, p. 20) F: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F V:1 FG|A4 (A3 B/c/)|A6 c2|f2f2f2 (ga)|d6 g2|cBAB c2f2|BAGA B2 (cd)|c2 (BA) TG3F|F6:| |:AB|cBcd c2c2|c6 c2|f2 ef d2 ef|e6 (ag)|f2 fe d2 gf|efed c2 (cd)|f2 (ed) Td3c|c6 (ef)| g2 (BA) BdcB|A6 A2|(B>c)(d>e) Td2 (cB)|(A>B)(c>d) Tc2 (BA)|(B>c)(d>e) Td2 (cB)|ABcd c2f2|B2 (AG) TG3F|F6:| V:2 F2|F4 (F3G/A/)|F6 A2|A2A2A2F2|B6 B2|AGFG A2A2|GFEF G2E2|A2 (GF) TE3F|F6:| |:FG|AGAB A2A2|A6 A2|d2c2=B2G2|c6 fe|d2dc =B2d2|G2 c=B A2c2|d2 c=B TB3c|c6c2| c2 E2F2G2|F6 F2|F2B2B2 (AG)|(F>G)(A>B) TA2 (GF)|(G>A)(B>c) TB2 (AG)|FGAB A2A2|G2 (FG) TE3F|F6:| V:3 clef = bass F,,2|F,4C,4|F,,2 F,F, F,2A,2|D,6 A,2|B,2 B,B, B,2G,2|A,2A,A, A,2D,2|G,2G,G, G,2C,2|F,2B,2C2C,2|F,6:| |:F,,2|F,4 F,,2A,,2|F,E,F,G, A,2F,2|D,2F,2G,2G,,2|C,2C=B, C2A,2|D2D,2G,2=B,2|C2C,2F,2E,2|D,2C,2G,2G,,2|C,2 (C=B,) C2 C,D,| E,2C,2D,2E,2|F,E,F,G, A,2F,2|D,2G,2E,2E,2|F,2C,2F,,2F,2|D,2G,2E,2E,2|F,2C,2A,,2D,2|G,,2 F,,2C,2C,,2|F,,6:|

OLD BUFFS MARCH. English, Scottish; March (whole time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. There were two different "Old Buff's" marches (the title refers to a British regiment, the Royal East Kent Regiment, formed in 1572 and nicknamed after the buff colored facings of their coats), one in cut time, the other in whole time. One "Old Buffs March" was by German-born flautist and composer wikipedia:Carl_Friedrich_Weideman (c. 1715-1782), published c. 1760; Weideman was especially noted as a composer for woodwinds and was connected to the British court. He published Minuets for Her Majesty's Birthday (1764) as well as several other minuet collections, and died in London. One march appears in the [James] Gillespie Manuscript of Perth (1768).

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Printed sources : - Robert Bremner (Collection of Airs and Marches for Two Violins or German Flutes), London, c. 1756-61; No. 21, p. 20. Preston (Marches, Airs & Minuets), London, 1804, p. 20.

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