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X:1 T:Old German Waltz N:Despite the title, the tune is a rather jaunty duple-time march N:From the playing of George Mert Reves (1884?-1992?), from 1964 home N:recordings made by his nephew Merle. Both George and Merle were then N:living in Dennard, Arkansas but George had lived much of his life in the N:Oklahama Ozarks region. M:4/4 L:1/8 R:March Q:Quick D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G D4G3A-|B6G2|B2d2c2B2|A6 ((3cBA|F2)G2A2B2|c4 F4|e2d2 cBA2|1B8:|2G6|| |:B2|de d2 B2B2|ded2 B2d2|f4 f2d2|g4 g4:| [d4g4]g4|{a}b6 {c'}ba|g2g2 c'2b2|a6ag|f2g2a2b2|c'8|d'4b3a|gg3 g4|| |:de d2 B2B2|ded2 B2d2|f4 fed2|1g4 g4:|2 g4-g3|| ||[M:6/8]B|dBG G2A|BAG B2G|BGG ccB|AAF A2F| DDF AAB|ccE c2d|e2d cBA|[G3B3]-[G3B3]||

OLD GERMAN WALTZ. American, March (4/4 and 6/8 time). The tune, a march rather than a waltz, was in the repertoire of fiddler Jim Herd (1919-2002), born and raised in Tancy County, in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri.

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Printed sources : - Voyager 340, Jim Herd - "Old Time Ozark Fiddling" (Recorded 1991. A family tune that Herd maintained his great-grandfather, born in 1789, played.).

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Hear George Mert Reves' 1964 home recording of "Old German Waltz" at Slippery Hill [1]

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