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X: 4 T:Old John Tate M:C L:1/8 Q:200 S:from Vivian Williams Workshop in Ellensburg WA R:Reel N:from Glen Berry Z:William C. Dunlap <> 2001-01-17 K:Am "Am"e2a2a3g| a2g2 edcA|cdcA "G"BcBG|"Am"AcBG AG E2| "Am"e2a2a3g| a2g2 edcA|cdcA "G"BcBG|"Am"AGEG A4:| |:"Am"((3AGFE2) E4|A2 AB cd e2|((3AGFE2) E4|"E"AcBG A2A2| "Am"((3AGFE2) E4|A2 AB cBcd|e2d2~c2 Ac|"Em"BAGB "Am"A4:|

This tune is a variant of the first two parts of the three-part tune "Land of Lincoln" by Bill Monroe. Vivian Williams got it from Stuart Williams, who got it from Kitsap County (WA) fiddler Glen Berry, who in turn got it froma fiddler named John Tate. Berry was in the habit of referring to anyone from his past as "Old," hence "Old John Tate."

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Printed sources : - Songer & Curley (The Portland Collection, vol. 2), 2005

Recorded sources : - Portland Megaband: Live. 2002

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