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X:1 T:Old Rose S:John W. "Dick" Summers (1887-1976, Marion, Indiana) M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz D: F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C E6-|E2F2^F2|G6-|G2A2B2|c4 Bc|dc- cB c2|[B,6D6]-| [B,6D6]|A4-AB|A2G2F2|E6-|(F<E) G,2C2|B,2D2G2-| G4D2|E6-|E2 C2D2|E6-|E2F2^F2|G6-|G2A2B2|c4-cd-| c2B2c2|e6-|d6|c3B cd|c2C2F2|A4-AB|A2G2F2| E4(E/F/E)|D2B,2G,2|C3[CE][C2E2]|[C4E4]z2:|| Gc|:e2 G,C EG|A2G2 Gc|e2 G,C EG|A2G2f2 |f2 GB GB| A2G2(Bc|d2)G2 AB|A2G2 Gc|e2 G,C EG|A2G2 Gc| e2 G,C EG|A2G2g2|g3 e fd|BG FD B,G,|C2E2B,2|c4cd:|]

OLD ROSE. Canadian (?), American (?); Waltz (3/4 time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). See also the very similar opening measures of Ira Ford's "Rose Waltz (2)" and "Unnamed Waltz No. 2" from the Hayes Family manuscript.

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Recorded sources : - Banff Rodeo GA 1006/London EBX 4128, Graham Townsend - "Championship Fiddle Favorites" (1964). Sparton Records 4-990R (45 RPM), Ward Allen (1961).

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Hear/see Pattie Kusturok play the tune on [1]
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Hear Ward Allen's 1961 recording on [3]

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