Old Spand Hornpipe

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X:1 T:Old Spand Hornpipe M:9/4 L:1/4 S:Marsden N:you might like to try G Dorian as K Z:Transcribed by Pete Stewart and posted at www.goodbagpipes.co.uk/pipetunes/ N:(reposted at Fiddler's Companion by permission) K:C GDFECEDB,D|FCFFCFE2F|GDFECEDB,D| GDGGDFE2F||GDF ECEDB,D|C3 F2A/B/c2B/A/| dDFECEDB,D|G,3G2A/B/c2B/A/||Bd2Ac2GB2| A3F2A/B/c2B/A/|Bd2Ac2GB2|B/A/B/c/dG>ABc>BA|| B>c d/B/ A>B c/A/ G>A B/G/|A>B c/A/ F>G A/F/ A>B c/A/|B>c d/B/ A>B c/A/ G>A B/G/| B>c d/B/ G>A B/G/ A>B c/A/||B/A/ B/c/ d e/d/e/f/gf/e/f/g/a|f3F2A/B/c2B/A/| B/A/ B/c/ d e/d/e/f/gf/e/f/g/a|g3G2A/B/ c2B/A/||Bd2eg2fa2| f3F2A/B/c2B/A/|B/A/ B/c/ d e/d/e/f/gf/e/f/g/a|g3G2A/B/ c2B/A/|| f>edg>fef>ed|c>B A/G/ F>GA/B/ c>de|f>edg>fe a>gf| g3G2A/B/c2d/e/||fdBcAFGDB,|C3F2A/B/c2d/e/| fdBcAFGDB,|D3G2A/B/c2B/c/||D2GC2FB,2D| A,2FFCFE2G|D2GC2GB,2D|G,2GGDFE2F|| G/D/ G/D/ G/D/ ECEDB,D|FCFFCFE2F|G/D/ G/D/ G/D/ ECEDB,D| G/D/ G/D/ G/D/ G /D/ G/D/ G/D/E2F||G/D/ G/D/ G/D/ ECEDB,D| C3F2A/B/c2B/A/|d2c/B/c2B/A/ G/AB/G|D3G2A/B/c2B/A/| dBGcAFG/AB/G|cAF2 ABcBA|dBGcAFG/AB/G| B/A/ B/c/ddGdc2B/A/||B/A/B/c/dA>Bc B/A/B/c/d|A>BccFd c>BA| d2c/B/c2B/A/GDB,|G,3G2A/B/c2B/A/||

OLD SPAND HORNPIPE. AKA and see "Lad with the Trousers On (The)," "Waterman's Dance." English, "Old" Hornpipe (triple time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDEFGHIJKL. "Old Spand Hornpipe" is to be found in Thomas Marsden's A Collection of Original Lancashire Hornpipes, Old and New. Containing Divisions upon each (London, 1705, No. 4). The book was sold out of Henry Playford's shop at the Temple Change, priced at one shilling. Matt Seattle finds a 9/8 time version in John Bell's (1783-1864) Northumbrian tune manuscript under the title "Lad with the Trousers On (The)" and finds cognates in Thomas D'Urfey's "Country Sheep-Shearing (The)," "Sheep Shearing," and "Esqr. Lessar." A spand was an old name for a handle or haft.

Compare also "Old Span" with the "Rolling Hornpipe (The)" family of hornpipes.

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Printed sources : - Offord (John of the Greeny Cheshire Way), 2017 (originally published 1985); p. 54.

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