Annotation:Old Wife of the Mill Dust (The)

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X: 1 T:The Old Wife of the Mill Dust C:Trad. R:Jig M:6/8 F:Adapted from K:A mix L:1/8 |:AAA a2 e |g2 f edB | AAA a2 e |g2 e dBG | AAA a2 e |g2 defg | agf g2 e | d2 edBG:| |:Bcd e2 A |a2 A e2 A |Bcd e2 A |g2 e dBG | Bcd e2 A | g2 d efg | agf g2 e | d2 e dBG:| |:c2 AAAA | c e2 a2 e | c2 A AAA | B2 e dBG | c2 A AAA | c e2 g3 | agfg2 e |d2 e dBG:| |:a2 Ae2 A |a2 A ecA | a2 A e2 A | g2 e dBG | a2 A e2 A |a2 A efg | agf g2 e |d2 e dBG:| AAA AAA | c2 A ecA | AAA AAA | g2 e dBG | AAA AAA | c e2 efg | agf g2 e |d2 e dBG| AAA AAA | c2 A edB | AAA AAA | g2 e dBG| AAA AAA | c e2 efg | agf g2 e |d2 e dBG|| |: a2 A AAA | a2 A ecA | a2 A AAA |g2 e dBG | a2 A AAA | AAA g3 | agf g2 e | d2 edBG:| |: ABA a2 e | g2 f edB | ABA a2e | g2 e dBG | ABA a2 e | g2 d efg |agf gfe |d2 e dBG :| |: a2A ABA | ABA ecA | a2 A ABA | g2 e dBG | a2 A ABA | ABA g3 | agf gfe |d2 e dBG :|]

OLD MAID OF THE MILL DUST, THE. AKA and see "Larach Alasdair." Scottish, Pipe Jig (6/8 time). A Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDDEFFGGHH. "Cailleach an dudain," "Lame Foot (The)," "My lame leg has kept me behind" and "Trippers" are often given as cognate melodies. While harmonically and structurally similar there are enough melodic differences to suggest they are distinct tunes, or perhaps different branches of an ancestral melody.

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Printed sources : - William Ross (Ross's Collection of Music for the Highland Bagpipe).

Recorded sources : - The Baltimore Consort - "Tunes from the Attic." Seamus Egan - "When Juniper Sleeps" (appears as part of the "Winding Hills" set).

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