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X:1 T:On My Way to See Nancy S:Edden Hammons (1874-1955, W.Va.) M:C L:1/8 Q:"Largo" R:Air N:DDad (fiddle) N:Rhythm and note values are irregular; play as one would an Irish air, which it quite resembles. D: F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D D2 E/F/G |A2 ABA2 G2|(A>B/2c/4 A)(A/B/4c/4) A2 |G/A/G F2D2 E/F/E| D6 (3ABc| dd2+slide+f-f2d2|ecAF G2AB/c/|d3 AB/c/| dd2+slide+f-f2d2|ecA2 AB/c/|d>=cAF|G3A- AB/^c/| d3=cA2 (3Ade|fe d^c d3F/G/|A2G/A/G FD (3EFE D4||

ON MY WAY TO SEE NANCY. Old-Time, Slow Air. D Major. DDad tuning (fiddle). The source for this archaic-sounding listening piece, quite like an Irish air, is West Virginia fiddler Edden Hammons [1].

Edden Hammons (1874-1955)

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Recorded sources: -West Virginia Sound Arcives 001, "Edden Hammons Collection, vol. 1".

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Hear Edden Hammon's 1947 recording of the tune at Slippery Hill [2]

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