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X:1 T:The One O'Clock Cannon M:4/4 L:1/8 C:Ian Brockbank S:Dunedin Dances Book 4 R:Reel P:AABBCCDD K:A Major G2|AFDF AGAc|BAGB A2Bc|dcdf ecAc|BAGF E2FG |AFDA BGEB|cAce a2ga|faea BdcB|c2 A2 A2:

fg|agae gecA|fdAf e2fg|aAgA fAeA|Bfec B2cd

|eAGA fAGA|gefg a2ga|faea BdcB|c2 A2 A2:

cB|c2e2 a2e2|fdAf e2fg|abaf ecAc|BdcA B2cd

|eAGA fAGA|gefg a2ga|faea BdcB|c2 A2 A2:

ag|abab afdA|fdAf e2fg|aAgA fAeA|Bfec B2cd

|efec fgfd|gefg a2ga|faea BdcB|c2 A2 A2:|]

ONE O'CLOCK CANNON, THE. Scottish, Reel. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD. A Scottish country dance and tune written and composed in 1994 by Ian Brockbank. The title commemorates the firing of the cannon from Edinburgh Castle, which occurs daily at 1PM. "The One O'Clock Canon" (note spelling change) is the name of Brockbank's 64-bar country dance, in which the new top couple start their motion at 32 bars, while the previous couple continue.

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