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OOT BE EST (East) DA VONG. AKA - "Oot B'Aist da Vong." Shetland, Shetland Reel. Shetland, Mainland Shetland. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'B (Anderson, Martin): AABB (Bain). One of "three traditional reels from the playing of the late Henry Thomson," who was originally from Vidlin, but who spent most of his life as a grocer in Ollaberry. According to Tom Anderson, "These were favourite dancing tunes in Vidlin for the dance 'The Shetland Reel'." The title refers to a fishing landmark, or meathe, called the Vong, a part of the Outer Skerries--in this case the fishing ground is to be found 'east of the Vong'. See also the closely related Scottish tune "Kilt is My Delight (The)." and the cognate first part of the Scottish puirt a beul song "A Cur Nan Gobhar as a’ Chreig" (Herding the Goats from the Rocks).

Source for notated version: learned by the late composer, teacher and collector Tom Anderson (Lerwick, Shetland) [Flett & Flett].

Printed sources: Anderson (Ringing Strings), 1983; p. 41. Bain (50 Fiddle Solos), 1989; p. 16. Flett & Flett (Traditional Dancing in Scotland), 1964; p. 219. Martin (Traditional Scottish Fiddling), 2002; p. 93.

Recorded sources: Shanachie 78002, Solas - "Solas" (1996). Tangent TNGM 117, Henry Thomson - "Scottish Tradition, 4. Shetland Fiddle Music" (1978). Temple Records, The Battlefield Band - "Rain, Hail Or Shine" (1998). Topic 12TS379, Aly Bain & Tom Anderson - "Shetland Folk Fiddling, vol. 2" (1978). Fiddlers Bid - "Da Farder ben da Welcomer."

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