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P.J. MOLONEY’S (HORNPIPE). AKA and see "McMahon's Hornpipe (1)," "O'Brien's Hornpipe," “Seán Ryan's Favourite (2)," "Seán Ryan's Hornpipe (3).” Irish, Hornpipe. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by Nenagh, County Tipperary, fiddler Seán Ryan (1919-1985), who, with Co. Tipperary flute player P.J. Maloney, won the All Ireland duet competitions in the 1950's. Ryan himself won the Senior All Ireland competition in the mid-1950's, and Maloney was All-Ireland flute champion in 1958. Together they recorded one album for Avoca Records in 1960. Brian Ryan published the tune in his collection of his father's tunes as "P.J. Maloney's," although in its early days the hornpipe was called "McMahon's Hornpipe (1)" (see the Reilly family music manuscripts, for example)[1].

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Miller & Perron (Irish Traditional Fiddle Music, vol. 1), 1977; No. 31 (appears as “O’Brien’s Hornpipe”). Miller & Perron (Irish Traditional Fiddle Music), 2nd Edition, 2006; p. 121. Brian Ryan (The Hidden Ireland), n.d.

Recorded sources : - Avoca 33-AC-121, Seán Ryan & P.J. Moloney – “Traditional Music of Ireland, vol. 1” (1960).

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  1. Personal communication from Fr. John Quinn, 1.06.2021, who supplied manuscript copies of the tune as "McMahon's", and said that, to his knowledge the tune was never called by the "P.J. Maloney" title by Ryan himself.