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X: 1 T:Paddy Kelly's Reel [5] R:reel C:Paddy Kelly (1906-?), Aughrim, Co. Galway H:Often played with 3rd part first. Z:id:hn-reel-657 M:C| K:Gmix GABd cABG|DGBd gdBG|F2AF cFAF|F2AF CFAF| GABd cABA|GAB2 GABc|defd gafd|1 cAFA GDE^F:|2 cAFA G3B|| |:dg~g2 bg~g2|dg~g2 dcBd|cf~f2 af~f2|cf~f2 dcAc| dg~g2 bg~g2|dg~g2 dcAc|defa gefd|1 cAFA GABc:|2 cAFA GDE^F|| |:G2dG BGdG|G2dG GFDE|F2cF AFcA|F2cF FDCD| G2dG BGdG|G2dG GFDE|FGAc fefd|1 cA^FA GDEF:|2 cA^FA GABd|| |:g2dg bgdg|g2bg afde|f2cf Afcf|f2af fde^f| g2dg bgdg|g2bg afde|fefa gefd|1 cA^FA GABd:|2 cA^FA G2 (3DEF||

PADDY KELLY’S REEL [5]. Irish, Reel. G Major/Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD. The composition is usually credited to Ballinue, Aughrim, East Galway fiddler Paddy Kelly (b. 1906), one of the most widely played reels bearing his name. Kelly was a founding member of the famed Aughrim Slopes Céilí Band, formed in 1932 in Killaghbeg House, along with Jack Mulcare and Joe Mills.
Aughrim Slopes Céilí Band. Kelly is the fiddler standing to the right.
New York musician and researcher Don Meade notes that the late Galway-born flute player Mike Rafferty recorded the reel on his last album, "The Road from Ballinakill," under the title "The Daisy Field." Rafferty came from the same East Galway area as did Kelly, the thinks its possible that the 'Daisy' title was the original name.

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Printed sources : - Vallely (Play 50 Reels with the Armagh Piper’s Club), 1982; No. 4, p. 4.

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